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Football team is victorious on Black Scotlight: Sabrina Harris ASU students raise concerns about housing conditions Lauren Eylise takes the concert stage in The Alley

Football team is victorious on Black & Gold Weekend

Matt Olszewski Contributing Writer The Fighting Scots football team squeezed by DePauw University and came away with a huge 24-21 win last Saturday afternoon. The Scots earned the win they were looking for on a fun and eventful Black & Gold weekend as campus was bustling with energetic fans eager for victory.  The game’s score […]

Scotlight: Sabrina Harris

Sabrina Harris ’19 discusses the opportunity to attend the Athens Democracy Forum, what she learned and how Model United Nations has changed her life. You just got back from Greece after being invited there for a conference! What did that entail?  It was part of the Athens Democracy Forum. It was put on by The […]

“The Ocean After Nature” explores our connectivity with the ocean

Claire Wineman Staff Writer The ocean leads a paradoxical existence that humans have long worked to capture in art. Its incredible size and mystery function in concurrence with the sense of comfort and reflection it provides; its beauty is nearly unparalleled, but there are also few settings on the planet that reveal the ugly truths […]

ASU students raise concerns about housing conditions

ASU students living in Troyer House present safety concerns to Campus Council regarding “barely livable” conditions Waverly Hart Managing Editor Since the beginning of the school year, the students residing in Troyer House have been dealing with living conditions that one resident described as “barely livable” and neither safe nor hygienic.  Two of the house’s […]

Lauren Eylise takes the concert stage in The Alley

Claire Wineman Staff Writer There are certain moments and sensations that draw you back to distinct moments or times in your life: the smell of your favorite food when you were little, the laugh of someone you once knew, the sight of a stranger who looks just like someone you went to elementary school with […]

Wooster club sports funding issues continue

Saeed Husain Sports Editor Issues with funding for club sports on campus have continued, with their leaders criticizing the ambiguity regarding methods for fundraising.  These frustrations are following a demand by Campus Council (CC) during the budgeting process last year that clubs must pay 25 percent of their fees through self-generated means. What these self-generated […]

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Wooster Digital History Project creates food history walking tour

Katie Harvey Senior Features Writer There’s no doubt that the town of Wooster has a rich local food scene, from favorites like Spoon Market & Deli and Broken Rocks to gems like Local Roots Market and Café and Olde Jaol. To highlight this, the Wooster Digital History Project (WDHP), The College of Wooster history department’s […]

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Prioritize effective means of creating change

Doing good has become something of an obsession for me. Ever since I was a young child, I have hoped that I would someday be a person who did good for the world. I imagined that I would become a lawyer who fights to get justice for people who have been wronged, or maybe I […]

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Seeking fulfillment beyond academic life

And just like that, five weeks of the school year have gone by. If you’re anything like me, you have no idea how the fuck that happened. I think we have a tendency to forget just how quickly our time gets swallowed while we’re at school. And I don’t mean that just in a “I […]

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Pi Kappa celebrates 100 years as a local sorority at Wooster

Brian Luck Contributing Writer “The sisterhood of Peanuts/ Is like a glass of glue,” reads a Pi Kappa songbook made of gold and purple construction paper, which can be found in the Special Collections section of Andrews Library. “We’ll always stick together/ No matter what we do.” Established in 1918, Pi Kappa, more commonly known […]

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The Scene: Music or Noise?

For most people, a sheet of paper is not a musical instrument, much less the sole instrument used in the creation of an entire full-length album, but Steve Roden is not most people. Instead, he is a minimalist sound and visual artist who was commissioned in 2001 by the Los Angeles Public Library to create […]

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