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Take advantage of your four years

When I was a first-year, I always thought editorials like this one were clichÈd and unnecessary. But given that I completely ignored them and now wish that I didnít, I may as well give it a go.

As I approached senior year, there is one statement I remember saying over and over: ìIíll give that a try when I have some more time.” This was applicable to all sorts of things: going out to more parties, taking on another job for the resumÈ, trying a new intramural sport and the like. In some cases, I was fascinated enough to make time. But in many cases, I was tempted, but overall decided to put it off until a later date that was never determined. Continue reading Take advantage of your four years

ScotBlogs give inside look at Wooster

Blogging is the latest Internet craze with millions using them. You can share thoughts, ideas, events and whatever you want on them. When I and two other students got an offer to become bloggers for the Admissions Deptartment, I got excited.

The College has decided to reach out to prospective students in a different way, by having current students attending Wooster blog about their lives here, to present a ìday in the life of” idea of what it is really like here. We blog about everything: classes, that awful research paper due in a day, tests, the UG, football games and anything else that we do from day to day. Our goal is to give prospective students an idea of what our lives are like here, so perhaps they can feel more comfortable with the idea of heading off to college. Continue reading ScotBlogs give inside look at Wooster

NY Fashion Week is more meaningful than it sounds

These days it seems like most industries are suffering because of the economy. The fashion industry isnít much different.

However this didnít stop fashion designers and over 100,000 international visitors from coming out for the annual Mercedes-Benz Fall fashion week which took place from Sept. 10 to 17 in New York City.

Mercedes-Benz fashion week sponsors over 60 famous designers who showcase their spring 2010 collections in the tents at Bryant Park. The week kicked off in a huge way with ìFashionís Night out.” On Sept. 10 a world-wide shopping event was held in over 12 major cities across the globe. Continue reading NY Fashion Week is more meaningful than it sounds

SHOULD THE DRINKING AGE BE LOWERED? Lower drinking age makes sense

If you ask a random college student whether or not he or she thinks the law should permit 18-year-olds to purchase and consume alcohol, youíll probably get the answer youíre expecting: ìHell yes.” The enthusiasm with which this imaginary student reacts might even convince you that they should most definitely not be allowed to drink. Yet, chances are, theyíd drink less if it were legal. Continue reading SHOULD THE DRINKING AGE BE LOWERED? Lower drinking age makes sense

Drinking age is 21 for a reason

The serious consequences of alcohol abuse, especially among college students, have been widely documented.† Did you know that almost 700,000 American students in 2005 between the ages of 18 and 24 were victims of abuse by a fellow student who was intoxicated, and 97,000 students were victims of alcohol-related sexual assault or rape? So yes, drinking can lead to problems. Continue reading Drinking age is 21 for a reason

Notice the angel statue

There’s one particularly beautiful moment near the end of J.R.R. Tolkienís The Two Towers where Frodo, Sam, and Gollum come upon a crumbling, defaced statue of a king where none has ruled for countless years. Itís fallen head on the ground beside has now sprouted small white flowers around the brow, causing Frodo to exclaim, ìLook! The king has got a crown again!” For a second the scene is illuminated in the setting sun before succumbing to the darkness that pervades the final stages of Tolkienís epic. Continue reading Notice the angel statue