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Letting Georgia join NATO could be a politically dangerous action

Vice President Cheney assured Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili last week that the United States remains committed to his nation eventually joining the North Atlantic Trade Organization. On the surface, Cheney’s promise makes sense. Russia is becoming more powerful, so what better way to contain that potential threat than by bringing a pro-American government on the Russian border into NATO and promising American military support if Russia attacks again? Despite the attractive reasoning behind this argument, Georgia must not be allowed into the NATO alliance. Continue reading Letting Georgia join NATO could be a politically dangerous action

To the Editor:

The choice by John McCain of Sarah Palin as his candidate for the vice presidency is an act of astonishing irresponsibility and exhibits profoundly poor judgment. Not since Richard Nixon’s ill-considered choice of Spiro Agnew and George H. W. Bush’s highly questionable selection of Dan Quayle has there been such a frontal assault on the common sense and clear thinking of most Americans. This type of flawed, shallow decision making and imprudent judgment clarifies for all why McCain is not only a very dangerous and radical choice for president, but it also confirms in starkly realistic terms why he is absolutely ill equipped to carry out the duties of the office. Continue reading To the Editor:

Ethics, not consumpton, for environment

With the shadow of global climate change looming large and ominous over the 21st century, buying environmentally friendly products is all the rage.

T-shirts picturing the earth saying “This is why I’m hot” (referring to global warming), and phrases like “green is the new black” (in the realm of fashion) represent the current trend toward a consumer population that manages to save the world – and look cool doing it. Continue reading Ethics, not consumpton, for environment