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Join the new phenomenon

As I was browsing the headlines on thinking about what to write for Viewpoints this week, I decided the question would be best answered by others. Automatically, I logged into my Twitter account and posted the message ìneed an article idea for next weekís viewpoints Ö any ideas?” As soon as I hit the send key, I had an idea. Yes, an article on Twitter is exactly what the students of Wooster need to hear about. Hopefully, this article will inspire you to join the millions of others who are already hooked. Continue reading Join the new phenomenon

Our View

While reading for class one day, it hit me: every single book I had read for classes this year has involved some sort of extreme brutality ó neglect, child and domestic abuse, rape. As I pondered the implications of my various readings I began to realize that these explicit actions are everywhere ó television, the Internet, books and even conversation. Continue reading Our View


Last week, President Obama signed into law a bill which places limitations on credit card companies in the hopes that consumersí financial woes will be at least somewhat mollified. A specific section of the bill prevents financial institutions from extending credit cards to those under 21 without verifying their ability to pay or having a parent or guardian co-sign.† After two years of accidentally overdrafting, paying massive interest rates, yelling at the bank teller on the phone and being deemed by my father as ìcompletely irresponsible,” I can honestly say that this is not even close to being a bad idea. Continue reading SHOULD THOSE UNDER 21 BE ALLOWED CREDIT CARDS?