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Volleyball team runs a clinic at the Kilt Classic

If the Wooster volleyball team was missing the presence of departed seniors Ali Drsuhal í09 and Megan Earle í09 in their first games of this 2009 season, it surely didnít show this weekend. With exceptional performances from setter Lizzi Beal í12 and outside hitter KateLynn Riley í10, the Scots strolled to a record of 4-0 at the teamís home opening tournament and caught the rest of the competition with its spandex down at the Kilt Classic. Continue reading Volleyball team runs a clinic at the Kilt Classic

Menís soccer ends scoring drought, nets seven so far

Well, they certainly proved us wrong.

Five games into the season and the menís soccer team is showing signs of great improvement from last seasonís 6-10-1 campaign, starting off with only two losses through five games.

The key element to the Scotís 2-2-1 record is the increase in scoring.† Last season, the Scots were only able to find the back of the goal 20 times, their second lowest total in the past 10 seasons.†† In the first four games this season, the Scots have scored seven goals, placing them fourth among the other NCAC teams in goals scored this season. Continue reading Menís soccer ends scoring drought, nets seven so far

Womenís golf tees off

The College of Wooster plans to add womenís golf to its list of varsity sports for the 2010-2011 academic year.

Womenís golf will be the 23rd sport to be added to Woosterís curriculum, and the 12th to be added to varsity sport offerings for women.

Rich Danch, head coach of the Wooster menís golf team, is standing in as acting coach during the recruitment period, which is ìcurrently in process,” said Danch. ìMy primary focus at this time is to initiate recruiting efforts to secure a womenís season for next year.” Continue reading Womenís golf tees off

Volleyball serves seven teams some home cooking

The Fighting Scotsí volleyball team finished second this past weekend at the Bishop Invitational at Ohio Wesleyan University. Of the four games the Scots participated in, they managed to win three of four.

After being tested in their first game against nationally ranked Heidelberg University, the Scots bounced back, leaving their mark on the invitational and improving their overall record to 3-2 this season. Continue reading Volleyball serves seven teams some home cooking