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Men’s basketball travels on summer excursion to Italy

The men’s basketball team had quite an interesting summer when eleven players and two coaches from the men’s team traveled to Italy in August for 11 days to play basketball and tour the country.

The team flew into Milan and then drove to Lake Como and stayed there for a couple of days. They then traveled south to Verona and explored the city, including a visit to the amphitheater that provided the model for the Coliseum. The team then traveled to Venice, Florence and ended their tour of Italy in the capital, Rome. Continue reading Men’s basketball travels on summer excursion to Italy

High-intensity wind damages felt statewide

Last Sunday, Sept. 14, millions of people across Ohio experienced effects of intense windstorms as the remnants of Hurricane Ike moved across the state. Prior to the storm, the National Weather Service had issued a high-wind warning for Wayne County, indicating that gusts at a minimum of 40 to 60 m.p.h. were forthcoming – nearly hurricane force level.

Damage in Wayne County was largely limited to downed power lines and fallen trees – though the severity and frequency of both had the potential to cause serious injury. “We’re all thankful that no one on campus was injured and that we sustained no significant damage to any of our buildings from Sunday’s high winds,” stated President Grant Cornwell. Continue reading High-intensity wind damages felt statewide

Major employer closes leaving one hundred jobless

American WeatherSeal has been a part of Orrville, Ohio since 1934. For the past 65 years WeatherSeal has specialized in vinyl windows for replacement and new construction. Less than two years ago, American WeatherSeal opened up a new 185,000 square foot, $9 million manufacturing plant. Capable of producing as many as 1,000 custom windows a day, the plant was a marker of the manufacturing success of Orrville. Continue reading Major employer closes leaving one hundred jobless

Senator Biden rallies on campus

The Delaware senator and Democratic vice presidential nominee Joe Biden, who last spoke at the College in 1985, returned to campus this past Wednesday evening as part of a two-day bus tour of northern Ohio. During the College rally, Biden spoke to an audience of roughly 4,500 people, making this speech the largest solo event he has delivered on the campaign to date. In his speech, Biden addressed some important issues that he feels the country will contend with during the upcoming election. His discussed his, and presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama’s, support of the development of energy alternatives that would potentially make the United States less dependent on foreign oil. Additionally, he voiced his concerns that the presidential race has become too focused on the backgrounds and personal lives of the candidates as opposed to the well-being of the American people and the future of the country, stating that he believes Sen. John McCain and Gov. Sarah Palin have only worked to keep the campaigns centered around negativity towards the Democratic candidates. Should the Democrats emerge victorious in November, Biden said he and Obama would cut taxes for the middle class and work to ensure that all students who are qualified for a college education will have the opportunity to receive one without worrying about graduating thousands of dollars in debt.

Student lends help to Kenyan cause

I have always been aware of the fact that Kenya has a high unemployment rate, and how this unemployment can easily lead to people finding themselves in desperate situations despite their credentials. But much of my understanding was still somewhat abstract until I became involved in a program called the LifeWorks Partnership Trust and got to talk to people whose lives have been negatively impacted by living-wage employment. Continue reading Student lends help to Kenyan cause