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Green Report Card profiles Wooster

Three hundred and thirty two schools throughout the United States and Canada have currently received report cards outside of the academic realm. The College Sustainability Report Card, Green Report Card for short, is the only exclusive evaluation of campus and endowment sustainability activities on college and university campuses. According to the report, Wooster needs to make significant improvements. Continue reading Green Report Card profiles Wooster

Board of Trustees visits campus Discusses construction of new center

The Board of Trustees gathered on the Wooster campus for their fall meeting last weekend.

ìIt was packed,” said President Grant Cornwell.† The Trustees met on Friday and Saturday to discuss a large amount of issues concerning Wooster.† ìThe meeting has become jammed with important issues because Wooster is moving Ö weíre making progress on a lot of fronts,” said Cornwell. Continue reading Board of Trustees visits campus Discusses construction of new center

Denison professor discusses Internet ethics

As ubiquitous as the Internet has become for the millennial generation, it is easy for us to forget that it is a fairly new world ó and one that is complex, changing, and often dangerous.† Professor Joan Krone of Denison University came to Wooster Tuesday to talk to students about the strange new world of the Internet, and the questions about cyber ethics that come with it. Continue reading Denison professor discusses Internet ethics

Grant Cornwell named to NITLE advisory board

Technology ó whether it is the cell phone we use to text a friend or the computer used to access Facebook, technology has become an integral part of life.† But not all uses of technology are so leisurely; in fact, technology has become a crucial part of teaching information in faster and more productive ways than was previously deemed possible.† With such a quickly evolving world, brand new technologies are quickly becoming obsolete.† In order to keep up with demand for newer and better technologies, schools must upgrade on a regular basis just to stay current. Continue reading Grant Cornwell named to NITLE advisory board

Scientific gains made within the Wooster community

Paul Edmiston, associate professor of chemistry, biology and molecular biology has received a $136,269 grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to allow for the continued study of Osorb, a substance Edmiston discovered serendipitously while carrying out research on a separate and unrelated study.† Osorb is a glass substance capable of purifying water by absorbing and thus removing organic contaminants from water, and with this grant Edmiston hopes to further extend the use of this substance as a potential purification method in soil and underground water sources as well. Continue reading Scientific gains made within the Wooster community

Womenís soccer remains unbeaten

The womenís soccer team maintained their emphatic start to the season tacking another win and a tie on to their record creating a record-breaking 11 game unbeaten streak. Sitting comfortably on top of the NCAC standings in the middle of the season, the Scots now face the daunting task of eight conference games in a row with half of those games away from home.† Wooster has had a great start, but the real test lies in maintaining consistency. Continue reading Womenís soccer remains unbeaten