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Local wine classes teach basics

By Emily Bartelheim, Features Editor

Are you one of those people who aspires to be a classy wine-drinker, but whenever you walk through the wine aisle at Beuhler’s you just grab a cheap bottle of whatever has a cool name like “Fat Bastard” or “Elephant on a Tightrope?”† Lucky for you, the Wooster Inn offers an annual series of wine classes with connoisseur Kenneth Bogucki.

Bogucki, proprietor and executive chef at the Inn, is a certified sommelier (wine expert) who has trained in the Master Sommelier program.† At these sessions, he covers the basics of wine tasting while attendees talk about and taste the differences in wines from around the world.† Each year the class focuses on different wines. Continue reading Local wine classes teach basics

Dancing opens alleys of expression

By Katelynn Heugel, Staff Writer

There are many health benefits of dancing. It keeps you in shape, and helps with flexibility and endurance. But what other benefits could come out of dancing?

As an incoming first-year, I believed I had found my niche as a band kid, and that I had no other potential talents. I had gone through the past few years thinking that I could not dance, and when a friend invited me to a “surprise meeting,” I hoped to God that it would not involve dancing. When I showed up that Friday evening, as it turned out, the event was a swing dance lesson with the Let’s Dance Society. Continue reading Dancing opens alleys of expression

Obama administration releases 2012 budget

President Barack Obama released the fiscal 2012 budget blueprint last week. The White House claims the budget includes one-third tax increases, two-thirds spending freezes and cuts to reduce $1 trillion in deficit over a decade. The new budget proposal predicts economic growth, plans to fix the problem with doctors’ payment in Medicare, suggests how highways spending will be fully funded over 10 years, and offers many other solutions to various ongoing problems in the United States. The budget proposal may seem hopeful to some, however, due to the recession, government spending has drastically increased over the past four years. The 2012 budget proposal is no different. Continue reading Obama administration releases 2012 budget

Tunisia uprising proves successful

On Dec. 17 Tunisia erupted into chaos when its citizens took to the streets to protest the civil injustices that had gone on too long. Tunisia, a country that tends to be looked upon highly by other first-world nations, boasts of liberal social norms, broad gender equality and a relatively large middle class. The United States has given Tunisia much credit for their active prosecution of terrorism suspects. Continue reading Tunisia uprising proves successful

The former greenskeeper

Buried in a six-foot trench that he dug in the snow seven days earlier, the negative 50 degree temperature, 100 mph wind gusts and 5.4 magnitude earthquake had finally shaken Lonnie Dupre’s last amount of energy from his body. Suffering from the beginning stages of acute altitude sickness, a condition where the lack of oxygen can lead to an incredibly painful and fatal swelling of the brain, the 49-year-old had to descend back down the mountain. To Dupre, the goal of completing the first solo January ascent of Alaska’s Mt. McKinley had fallen wayside to man’s most basic instinct: staying alive.

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SUPER BOWL sound off

Editors debate who will be victorious in the XLV Super Bowl

Anthony Dominguez

Besides being a die-hard Green Bay Packers fan with Wisconsin roots and having the personal experience of Lambeau field’s mystical aura, there are a number of reasons why I wholeheartedly, yet impartially, believe the Packers will win Super Bowl XLV.

Reason number 1: Aaron Rodgers is playing out of his mind. After posting the third best quarterback rating i

n the regular season, Rodgers has elevated his game when it has mattered most: the playoffs, leading all post-season quarterbacks with a rating of 109.2 and a 71 percent completion rate.

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