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WooCorps weathers current economic storm

In an effort to take charge during the beginning of a depressed period in terms of the economy, the College of Wooster established WooCorps.

WooCorps is the name of the summer work program offered at the College this past summer. The aim of the program was to provide summer employment opportunities for students at the College who may have been struggling to find summer jobs during the current economic crisis. Its name, WooCorps, is derived from the Civilian Conservation Corps of the í30s to which the school pays homage. Continue reading WooCorps weathers current economic storm

Global Engagement Network makes an impact

A group of students and professionals came together two weeks ago, months after being created with one goal in mind: to have a successful week-long summit to make a difference socially and globally.

A new group on campus called Global Engagement Network (GEN), founded by Gitika Mohta í10, addresses the idea of creating social change on a global level. Continue reading Global Engagement Network makes an impact

Douglass Hall proves to be most efficient in dorm energy competition

For Earth Week, Greenhouse organized an energy competition between the dorms on campus measuring per capita electricity use. The student-run club put up posters in Lowry and sent out emails to the student body through the Dean of Students with eco-tips such as turning off electronic devices and lights when not in use and unplugging cell phone chargers when the phone is not being charged. This project was one out of many to help transition The College of Wooster to become a more sustainable campus. Douglass Hall was the most energy-efficient dorm. In Douglass, 26.39 kwh/person (kilowatts per hour per person) were used during Earth Week. Second, third and fourth places were all close. Andrews Hall placed second with 37.24 kwh/person. The third most efficient dorm was the Holden Annex for using 38.22 kwh/person. Honorable mention went to Wagner Hall, which came in fourth place with 39.07 kwh/person. Fifth place went to Holden Hall with 40.42 kwh/person. Continue reading Douglass Hall proves to be most efficient in dorm energy competition

Kevin Kordalski í11 has a lion of an appetite

There are probably a lot of people at The College of Wooster that think they could eat, say, 50 macaroni and cheese balls in six minutes. But only one has actually done it.

Kevin Kordalski í11, has recently discovered that he has a knack for competitive eating. And heís good. Really good.

It started last year, when a friend of Kordalskiís, an amateur chef, began cooking delicious food that he could magically make disappear. His vanishing act encouraged the two to prove to everyone that Kordalski really had a skill. Continue reading Kevin Kordalski í11 has a lion of an appetite

Two service groups provide volunteer opportunities

The Wooster Volunteer Network (WVN) and on-campus social action group Circle K have each recently introduced a service opportunity that has already become popular.

On Wednesday, Sept. 24, WVN offered rides to the Wayne County Humane Society every 15 minutes between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. This may turn out to have been a one-time event for the WVN. However, enough students hoped to repeat the project that many signed a petition asking the WVN to make trips to the Humane Society a regular service. “I want to go every day. They should do it more often,” Larissa Kortis ’09 said. Continue reading Two service groups provide volunteer opportunities

Students swap birthday customs, eat cake

Gelukkige Verjaarsdag. Gratulerer med dagen. Feliz cumpleaÒos. Janamdin mubarak. In any language, it’s a happy birthday.

This week, International Program co-chairs Omer Ijaz ’10 and Brittany Rancour ’09 organized an event to highlight the ways in which birthday celebrations have managed to transcend many cultural, social and national boundaries. Continue reading Students swap birthday customs, eat cake