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Nathan Comstock reviews theatre I.S. show

Last Friday and Saturday, Tess Burgler ’09 presented her Senior I.S. production, entitled Original Shakespeare Theatre.

The idea was to use original practice methods to make a performance as close as possible to how Shakespeare would have done it, while still being interesting and enjoyable to both Shakespeare fans and non-fans. As a casual fan of the bard, I found the performance quite enjoyable, but I’m not sure whether or not it appealed to non-Shakespeare fans as well as it could have. Continue reading Nathan Comstock reviews theatre I.S. show

Okkervil River doesn’t flow well

Here’s something fun to try: stick your hand into a bag of jellybeans and blindly shove into your mouth whatever multi-colored spices you grasp.

With all likelihood, the resulting flavor will be something that is best described as a licorice-coated insult to your taste buds.

Separately, the flavors all taste just fine, but when mixed together something so disgustingly vile is created that not even a starving dog would eat it. Continue reading Okkervil River doesn’t flow well

A capella groups kick off Family Weekend

Last Friday night to kick off family weekend, all of the campus a capella groups performed in McGaw Chapel. The four campus groups put on a dazzling performance for Wooster students and their parents.

These groups are student-led, giving them vast freedom in what music they choose to focus on and perform.

After These Messages, one of two all-female a capella groups, was the first group to perform. Continue reading A capella groups kick off Family Weekend