ìValentineís Day” was without a doubt the mustósee date movie for couples and friends on St. Valentineís Day this year.† With a $52 million dollar budget and an all star cast including Bradley Cooper, Eric Dane, Jamie Foxx and Jessica Alba, this film was nothing short of great.

This movie had twists and turns that left you constantly guessing and surprised at the outcome, with non-stop laughs. The film was about several people living their lives in Los Angeles and how their paths intertwined on Valentineís Day.

As they are taking the next step, breaking up, or became just plain single and alone you see the pressure Valentineís Day puts on people of all age groups and what love can do to you. If you donít like the typical corny, ìchick flick” movie this may not be for you, but is full of excitement and romance. On its opening weekend, ìValentineís Day” grossed $56 million dollars.

With a two hour run time, I didnít have high expectations for this movie, but it was better than I anticipated! Itís a collage of love stories that intersect and overlap at many different points and also has a few unexpected surprises. It was much less predictable than ìHeís Just Not that Into You,” which is what I expected.

Ashton Kutcher played a cute role in the movie. Anne Hathawayís got skills when it comes to accents, Jessica Alba played an unusual role, Bradley Cooper did that as well and everyone else was just as fun in their own roles. Taylor Swift got a part in this movie, which to me seemed to fit her very well.

The teen stories were something that I felt like most teens go through in their relationships.†† Some of the stores you definitely wouldnít predict, but thatís what makes the movie so interesting.

A story between the older couple in the movie really stuck out to me because I wasnít ready for their situation to happen.

The only downfall to this movie in my opinion had to be how it was kind of scattered going from one character in the movie to another one, but it was great how their situations somehow all tied together. Nevertheless, itís a fun movie with no date required.