Pick ëem

Donít have a clue whoís going to win the big game? Every week, sports nuts Matthew Yannie, Andrew Vogel, Chris Weston and Jason Weingardt will pick the weekís biggest football games, both college and pro. Some will be on the mark, others probably not so much. Weíll track their progress every week with season standings. Think theyíve picked the wrong teams?† Feel free to let them know what you think about all sports at† voice_sports@wooster.edu.

Standings (Last weekís results)

Jason:††††††††††††††† 117-52 (20-5)

Chris:†††††††††††††††† 112-57 (18-7)

Andrew:†††††††††††† 111-58 (19-6)

Matthew:†††††††††† 104-65 (18-7)

M= Matthew

A= Andrew

C= Chris

J= Jason

All= Everyone

NCAA Games

Thursday, Oct. 29

(C) UNC at #13 VT (M,A,J)

Friday, Oct. 30

(A,C) #21 WVA at USF (M,J)

Saturday, Oct. 31

(M) Purdue at Wisc (J,A,C)

(C) #25 Miss at Auburn (M,A,J)

(All) Missouri at Colorado

Georgia vs. #1 Florida (All)

(All) #19 Miami at Wake Forest

(All) #24 Cal at ASU

(J,A,C) UCLA at Oregon St.(M)

(All) #11 GT at Vanderbilt

(M,J) #22 S. Carolina at Tenn (A,C)

(All) #3 Texas at #14 OKST

(J,A,C) #5 USC at #10 Oregon (M)

NFL Games

Sunday, Nov. 1

(M,A,C) Houston at Buffalo (J)

Cleveland at Chicago (All)

Seattle at Dallas (All)

St. Louis at Detroit (All)

(C) Denver at Baltimore (M,A,J)

(C) SF at Indianapolis (M,A,J)

(M,C) Miami at NYJ (A,J)

(M) NYG at Philadelphia (J,A,C)

(C) Jacksonville at Tenn (M,A,J)

Oakland at San Diego (All)

Carolina at Arizona (All)

(J) Minn at Green Bay (M,A,C)

Monday, Nov. 2

(A,C) Atlanta at New Orleans (M,J)