Student puts spin on Independent Study presentations

Woo91 is the College of Woosterís commercial-free radio station run entirely by students. It broadcasts a variety of programs that feature shows, lectures, music and sports. It is a format-free station, which means that each individual disc jockey can create his or her own station. There is not one specific genre of music that has to be played on air.

Scott Smith í10, a philosophy major here at the College tried to be innovative creating his new show, ìThe I.S. Show.” ìI enjoy being on the air,” said Smith. While considering what kind of show to have, he wanted one that was fun, but still had a practical purpose. ìAt Wooster, there is so much importance laid on I.S. Why not have a show that highlights Woosterís Independent Study?” asked Smith.

The purpose of ìThe I.S. Show” is to spark discussions between students from the same majors and among those in different majors. ìIt is hard to know the oppressive work of seniorsí Independent Study otherwise,” said Smith. ìSo we try to have interesting conversations. I try to put on something people can discuss.”

ìItís a difficult format and endeavor, but thatís what makes Wooster such a unique college,” Smith said.

The first show aired last week. Because it was the first one, it was a panel. Philosophy majors Tom Loughead í10 and Sam Vanfleete í10, Archeology major Andrew Marley í10, Philosophy and Political Science double major Sara Palagyi í10 and English major Odin Tangvald í10 were featured.

The I.S. show tries to have seniors with different areas of study on the show. ìI am trying to bring a variety of majors on the show to have different perspectives,” said Smith. Often times students may have one I.S. for two majors and sometimes tie together two different angles and perspectives of a particular subject.

The show is broken down and centered around independent study and its discussion. Seniors are allowed to discuss what they will be doing for their I.S. ìBecause for some seniors it is too early to know their direct plans, they discuss what they may be doing instead,” said Smith.

Seniors can always come back on the show and share their thoughts on† I.S. as it progresses and on the changes they made throughout the process. At the same time, seniors can get feedback and ideas from other seniors as well. There may be a little consistency and a few changes that can be made to seniorsí I.S.

This past Tuesday, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major Ryan Story í10 was aired on the show.

Loughead and Marley were also on the show with Story. ìTom and Andrew are pretty much resident appearances,” stated Smith about the upcoming weekly additions to the show.

For next week, Smith is still working on a normal lineup. He is trying to bring in new people with different majors. Of course, Loughead and Marley may be on it as well. At the moment, Smith is relying on his friends because he has a diverse groups of friends of different majors. It may seem informal, but Smith separates business from pleasure, having each senior fill out a brief pre-interview sheet to help facilitate conversations and topics better.

In the future, he plans to invite teachers on the show. ìI want to know how they feel to be on the other side of the chair during I.S. meetings, reading our drafts and other things,” said Smith. ìIím trying to expand campus-wide discussion about independent study. Wooster is I.S. You do it to graduate. It will help the campus if we open it up as an outlet,” Smith continued.

Other discussions spur from the topics when different seniors are featured. It is not strict about where the conversation ends up. Also, the show features music, discussion and commentary. ìWe do play music mostly from the interviewees. It is a radio show,” said Smith. The music is played during intermissions and while Smith is setting up an interviewee in the studio.

The show is on every Tuesday from 8-10 p.m. All are welcome to tune in on 90.9 fm MHz or listen online via the Woo91 website. If you are a professor or senior interested in getting your opinion or I.S. heard, Smith can be contacted at The I.S. Show is also on Facebook at