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Environmental Tip of the Week: 3/1/13


On any given day, our campus uses 830 disposable cups for beverages. Whether that cup contained coffee, soda, water or a celebratory iced mocha latte for finishing that last paper before break, we continue to use disposable products when we have a convenient and cost-saving alternative right at our fingertips. Reusable mugs save you $0.25 on each and every drink purchase, they are free to use and you don’t have to clean them out! Reusable mugs are available to check out or trade for a clean mug at Mom’s, MacLeod’s and Old Main. You can get the same discount with your own personal mug, but you have to clean those out yourself. Every day, our campus could save 200 flex dollars by using any kind of reusable mugs instead of disposables.

I have never looked at the numbers, but I’d be willing to bet there’s a dramatic increase in coffee purchases this time of year. Make a conscious effort to bring a mug with you, along with your reusable water bottle, and stay hydrated and caffeinated in the final push to spring break. Plus, you’ll save a few flex dollars for future trips to Mom’s in April.


— SB Loder, Sustainability Coordinator

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