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New downtown restaurant Gouda guarantees a good time

André Baronov
Digital Editor

I want you to close your eyes for a second. What do you see? If you answered cheese, then this review is for you. Before I begin my review, I would like to preface that I knew well before I accepted the job of a journalist that the reports would lead me to some dangerous zones. However, never in my years of journalism did I think I would come across a job quite this gooey. Gouda is the hottest restaurant in downtown Wooster. While only a few months old, in this reviewer’s opinion, it is a restaurant well worth your business.

Located on Market Street, the easy-to-find location is tucked nicely between established favorites Spoon Market and Deli and Matso’s Family Restaurant. Entering the restaurant, as one steps on the firm mahogany tiles one might feel as if transported to the halls of Tofuku-ji*. Fear not; you are still in Gouda!

Modestly sized, the theme of cheese might be lost on those less lactose-inclined. From cheese-pun drink specials to the décor tiles with different names of cheeses that litter the walls, one is reminded that here in the heartland, cholesterol is more than a by-product of saturated fats; it’s the state motto.

For this assignment, I decided to go with a group of colleagues (the cheese amigos, as some might call us) to get a wider palate. I decided not to inform my lactose-intolerant amigo about the details of the joint, as to get a wider perspective of the restaurant’s appeal. We were all happily surprised by our orders: an Italian “mobster” sub, a traditional grilled cheese and a mac and cheese melt.

The ample serving sizes fill you with pride as you look at your betrothed sandwich. As you sink into the seemingly sinful succulence, suddenly you connect to the poet’s lyric that plays in the loud-speaker. You whisper softly into the bread, “baby, I’m head over boots for you.” Your cheese amigos ask you why you just said that. They don’t understand you. They don’t understand you like Gouda understands you.

The quality of the food is truly appreciable, and the quick delivery is also notable. With the different drink specials every night, it seems there is always something new going on at Gouda.

Another detail that I know many restaurant-goers are concerned about is the upkeep of the restrooms. I detailed both single stalls and was thoroughly satisfied by the hygiene, architecture and topography.

Overall, every facet of the experience was completely enjoyable. The different cheese-centered dishes were all “gouda,” the prices were “grate” and the service was “un-brie-lievably” kind. The entire experience was comfortable, inexpensive and friendly. With a convenient location and wide menu, everyone should come down to Gouda and experience the gooiest night of your life.

*Tofuku-ji, legendary Zen meditation center, located in Kyoto, Japan, dated back to the Muromachi period (1336-1573).

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