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Sally Kershner
Features Editor

1. What are the best parts of your job? I’d say the best parts of my job are the benefits. So like, I get to be with students every day — both my sisters graduated from the College, so I know a lot of their friends and that kind of thing, and my mom’s worked here forever, so I have a lot of ties to the College. Probably everybody in my family’s worked here — seriously, on both sides. And the best part for me is that I have a daughter, and after you’ve worked here for so long you get a tuition equivalent program, so having a future for my daughter is the best part about working here for me. And I love my job, so that always makes it so much more worth it, too.

2. What are the hardest parts of your job? Well, I used to work in Lowry, and that was hard because cooking for so many students at once is very high-stress. Here, specifically, one hard part would be not getting holidays off. Like, yesterday was a holiday and someone had called off, so I worked a ten-hour day on Labor Day; I didn’t get to go to any family things because I was working. Even if it’s a holiday, or classes are canceled, or there’s no power, in food services we always have to come in.

3. What’s your proudest accomplishment? I’d have to say my daughter is probably my proudest accomplishment. She’s going to be one in October. And I actually got married this summer, and I’m in the process of buying a house, so this is such a great year for me; it’s probably the proudest I’ve ever been.

4. Favorite way to take your coffee? Extra cream, a little coffee.

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