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Summer offers fun, emotional experiences for students

Eli Millette
Contributing Writer

The end of the year is sure coming up quickly, and that means before we know it, summertime will be upon us. As I’m sure you all know, sometimes it can get mighty difficult to find fun activities for you and your amigos. That’s why your favorite writers here at the Features section have (however many) suggestions for summertime fun. It’s going to be the best summer ever!

1. Go to the beach: It can get pretty hot in the summer months, and there’s no better way to beat the heat than to hit the waves! There may not be oceans in Ohio, but Lake Erie isn’t too far away, and it doesn’t light on fire like it used to.

2. Grab some popsicles: If the waves don’t cool ya down, don’t fret! You and your amigos can go grab a tasty frozen treat from your local neighbors freezer. And if you can’t think of anything to say, tell one of the side-splitting jokes on the popsicle stick!

3. Sit down with Aunt Claudia about her drinking problem: Jeepers! Things have gotten a little out of hand with Aunt Claudia, and it’s all the family can talk about these days. Maybe it’s time for a well-intentioned conversation!

4. Go for a hike: Nothing gets the blood pumping like a beautiful hike on a beautiful day! Take advantage of the nice weather while you can. Maybe bring along a food basket and make it a picnic! The possibilities are endless when it’s just you and ol’ mama nature!

5. Remind your mother it’s not her fault: Speaking of moms, don’t forget to remind your mother that what’s happening with Aunt Claudia is not her fault. Just because your mom walked out on Thanksgiving dinner even after Aunt Claudia asked her to stay does not mean she’s responsible for Aunt Claudia’s bad decisions! You know how moms get sometimes.

6. Pick up a summer job: There’s nothing wrong with having fun, but you golly gee, nothin’ is free these days! Picking up a little summer work helps pay for all the fun you’ll be having. Plus it’s nice to have something to do! See if you can pick up a job at your local Ben and Jerry’s, you’ll get free ice cream as a bonus! Score!

7. Plan and carry out an emotionally exhausting intervention with Aunt Claudia: Looks like sitting down and talking to Aunt Claudia about her problem didn’t work as well as your hoped! Don’t worry. Call up old cousins, friends, sisters, brothers, mother-in-laws — gosh darn it, the whole family’s in on this one! Even Aunt Claudia’s estranged children came in. Talk about a tear jerker!

8. Go on a vacation: Sometimes it’s nice to just get away from it all. Let’s face it gang — it’s an exhausting world out there, and it’s nice to take a step back and relax every once in while! What better way to do that than with a vacation to some place you’ve always wanted to go!

9. Support Aunt Claudia as she struggles but perseveres through AA: It’s sure been one hell of a year for poor Aunt Claudia! All you can do is love her unconditionally and support her as best you can in these summer months. It may not seem like she appreciates it, but you know deep down she does!

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