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Yes, The Wooster Voice is online, but it is going through some major changes.

And, like myself, you may find that reading a paper on a screen is somewhat unnatural. Perhaps you like the crisp, cool, feeling of paper on your fingers when flipping from page to page. It’s possible that you like the crinkly sound, proudly declaring that you’ve finished your page, and are turning to get more. Maybe you like to collect each issue, stacking them on top of each other in perfect order, satisfying your need to be organized.

Perhaps you would like to help support a student run newspaper, published since 1883.

If you’re a traditional person like I am, and have no access to the printed edition of the paper–or would like to monetarily support the College’s paper–the Voice is happy to present a solution.

By clicking the link and filling out the form, you can love our paper more closely–more intimately–than looking at the cold screen of the computer.

Your paper will be mailed every Friday after printing, ready to be loved and enjoyed by your curious eyes and interested fingers.

Kevin Carpenter
Business Manager

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