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What do intramural sports mean to you at C.O.W.?

What do intramural sports mean to athletes who don’t play varsity sports for The College of Wooster? We asked students on campus  for their thoughts.

“It is not the intramural soccer that I value. I value improvement. I love soccer. I am grateful for the intramural soccer because it has provided me a platform, which I never had, to measure my improvement in soccer. Soccer has provided me the platform to see whether I could be the lion that leads a herd of sheep — I am the sheep on the way to become the lion — and whether I could join the herd of lions.”

-Shivam K.C. ’21

“I didn’t know much information about the intramural program, but once I was invited to play on the intramural soccer team that was formed from mutual friends and others in my building, I knew it was something I would partake in every year. Intramural soccer was super fun, even though I had no prior experience whatsoever. Nonetheless, I had the time of my life saving goals while being the goalie. Although soccer was fun, being able to play competitively organized basketball was amazing as well and probably my favorite sport to play. The competition was intense! Thanks, Woo for the great program!”

-Chris Gately ’21

“Intramural sports are a great way to get involved in sports if you aren’t interested in varsity. Participating in intramural soccer allowed me to have the outlet I needed that I didn’t receive anymore from varsity sports. Intramural soccer also allowed me to connect with the people in my dorm hall and the surrounding college community. To this day, I still remain close friends with members of my intramural soccer team. Intramural sports is definitely a great way to interact and have fun with your fellow classmates and get the relief you need from the stress of your classes and homework.”

-Kate Evans ’21

“Intramural sports is the ONLY reason I pay 60k a year to attend America’s Premier College for Mentored Undergraduate Research. As last year’s Division C soccer champions, you get respect on campus. We basically ran the school, unlimited cookies and drinks in Lowry, etc. But all jokes aside, the unity within this activity is amazing. I consider myself to be a social person, but this team made sure I wasn’t crammed in my room 24/7 studying or stressing over assignments. This team allowed me to allocate enough time for a balanced social life on top of my work. Thanks to intramural soccer, I now have three more friends.”

-Sam Merga ’21


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