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Student shot with paintball gun on Beall Ave.

Similar incidents have occurred around the City of Wooster, according to Wooster Police

Desi LaPoole
A&E Editor

On Sunday, Nov. 5, College of Wooster student Chen Wu ’20 was shot with a paintball gun as she was walking on Beall Ave. in front of Babcock Hall.

“I was walking in front of Babcock Circle heading to Lowry. That day it was raining really hard, and suddenly a white car drove by and shot at me,” Wu said.

As a result of the incident, Wu sustained minimal injuries. According to her, a large bruise developed on the left side of her body where she was hit by the paintball.

“There was a lot of color on me and my clothes,” she said as she motioned to her left side.

Similar incidents to this one have happened in the city outside of the College campus. Following the incident, the Wooster Police were called and, according to a security bulletin emailed to the campus on Nov. 8, “Security and Protective Services (SPS) was informed by Wooster Police that there have been other incidents of this nature reported within the city.”

Director of SPS Steve Glick stated that the incidents he was informed of happened at a residence in the city, and on S. Market St. Whether there are similarities between the victims in these incidents are unknown, as details about the victims in these cases are limited.

However Glick stated that, “these appear to be random events that have occurred with time between each incident throughout the city.”

Little is known about the suspect as well. SPS knows only a description of the suspect’s vehicle. Glick described it as a white vehicle that might be an SUV. It is possible that the person who shot Wu is the same person who committed similar incidents throughout the city.

“I think it would be a reasonable assumption to make,” Glick said, commenting on possible connections in the case. “But only an investigation could determine that.”

Wu said that she hopes that whoever is behind these incidents is caught soon because she doesn’t want anyone else to get hurt by them.

While the investigation is underway, Glick shared a piece of advice to students to keep them safe. “I suggest that folks walk facing traffic,” he said. “And as always, be aware of one’s surroundings.”

Security officers are aware of the incident, and are keeping an extra eye on Beall and surrounding areas.

As for Wu, she wasn’t fazed by the incident. “I was pretty calm,” she said. “I wasn’t freaking out or anything, I just thought of it as another crappy situation.”

Security and Protective Services (SPS) has asked those with any information on the incidents to call SPS at extension 2590 or email to report what they know.

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