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Sorority Pi Kappa selects its first Diversity Chair

Zoe Covey
Contributing Writer

In order to support diversity among the student body at The College of Wooster, Pi Kappa, a campus sorority also known by the name of Peanuts, has decided to create the position of Diversity Chair. Alex Gordon ’18 has been chosen by the sorority to serve as the first in this position.

This position will require members of Pi Kappa to become more involved in activities put on by other student groups to promote diversity. The sorority hopes this will help members to become more aware of the diversity of the college community. The group plans to attend a diversity retreat in October dedicated to sensitivity training and learning about the backgrounds of members of the sorority.

When asked why the group felt that having a Diversity Chair was important, Alex Gordon ’18, the secretary of Pi Kappa, said that it was an extension of their core values.

“A pillar of Pi Kappa is diversity, while another is loyalty. If we are to truly live up to those expectations as a group, it is important to have a position within that is dedicated to presenting activities to the group and providing tools for an effective reflection after attending those events,” said Gordon.

After Pi Kappa experienced some discomfort with the conduct of some members of the group, they decided to become more involved in promoting diversity.

“The idea to create a Diversity Chair within Pi Kappa was presented by members within the group that experienced uncomfortable interactions with fellow members that were actively participating in different micro-aggressions as well as making statements and participating in situations that are inappropriate in terms of race, gender and sexuality,” said Gordon.

The new position of Diversity Chair was created to play an active role in combating this sort of harmful behavior.

Pi Kappa is the first and only Greek organization at The College of Wooster to create anything like a Diversity Chair. Members of the administration are interested in Pi Kappa’s attempt to make the sorority a more welcoming place, including Craig Lutz, the director of Greek life.

“I am encouraged and excited that Pi Kappa is willing to explore new avenues of educational opportunity for their membership … I am looking forward to working with this position within Pi Kappa to aid in the development of this chair and continuing conversations that will positively develop the fraternity and sorority community at The College of Wooster,” said Lutz.

Pi Kappa hopes that the support for the new position of Diversity Chair will also appear within other Greek sororities and fraternities on the Wooster campus with their introduction of a Diversity Chair position.

“I hope that Inter-Greek Council and other Greek organizations are able to implement similar models once ours is ironed out,” said Gordon.

Gordon wants to pursue the implementation of a more inclusive atmosphere in Pi Kappa and within the larger community of The College of Wooster. She hopes that the addition of a Diversity Chair will help those groups to achieve these goals.

“Long term, I hope that we are able to cultivate a more inclusive atmosphere within the group and attract all students to want to spend time with the members of the organization,” said Gordon.

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