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Recipe of the week: Grilled cheese

Sally Kershner
Features Editor

As college students, we often can’t get through our day without using our laptop, cell phones or tablets for homework, memes or writing “Happy Birthday!!!” on some distant Facebook friend’s wall. Now you’re thinking to yourself, “What are the ecological consequences of memes?”

If you’re like me, you use Google for all your meme needs and educational resources, but using the traditional white background for Google actually is harmful for the environment., powered by Google, offers an energy-conscious alternative to the popular search engine.

“Using a black background is more energy efficient and by using for your primary search engine can save up to 750 Megawatt-hours per year,” according to USA Today College.

This simple trick can save energy in the long run, considering how much time students spend conducting educational research, and more importantly, hunting for memes. Save the earth, save memes.

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