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These doggone 4Paws pups are paws-itively delightful

Daniel Sweat
Features Editor

If you’re like me, you’ve probably seen these doggos with colorful vests wandering around the campus or hanging out in your classes. You’ve probably thought to yourself, “Wow, I wish I could learn more about those majestic beasts.” Well, now you can. Over here at The Wooster Voice, we’re dedicated to bringing you the best, most important news you need as a College of Wooster student. To that end, let’s get to know the 4Paws pups.

I sent each dog’s fosters a list of get-to-know-you type questions for their respective pups, covering everything from favorite color to where they fall on the Madonna v. Beyoncé debate. (Thankfully, most of the queried dogs were pro-Beyoncé. Except for Earl, that rascal.)

Are they Air Buds or Air Duds? You decide.


1) Snickerdoodle. Oh boy, what a premium pup. Just look at those soulful brown eyes. Snickers is a 10-month-old Goldendoodle from the Cookies litter — the 4 Paws program names all dogs in a litter according to a theme.

Marissa Hamm ’19, one of Snickers’ fosters, said his most defining personality traits are his loyalty and his loving nature. His favorite Air Bud movie is Air Bud World Pup, and it shows. Look at the teeth marks on that chew toy! He’s clearly quite the sportster.

Snickerdoodle’s fosters said he’d definitely be a Gryffindor, if those wizard kids were allowed to have dogs at Hogwarts. Hogwarts? More like Dogwarts! But I digress.

Point is, Snickerdoodle’s a Gryffindor, so he’s obviously a fiercely loyal teammate. If you’re trying to start an intramural fetch team, he should be on your radar.


2) Kazooie. Just look at that glossy coat of fur and warm smile. Kazooie is a 5-month old golden lab from the Video Games litter. You can tell Kazooie is the type of dog that likes frolicking in President Bolton’s backyard every once in a while. Emily Reid ’17 says if Kazooie were to be in an Air Bud film, she’d probably play football because “she loves catching her toy football.” What athleticism.

Apparently she’s also quite the cuddler. “She would win the cuddling gold medal,” said Reid. Well, I’m not sure that cuddling’s going to be an Olympic sport anytime soon, but I do know for sure that when Kazooie wins gold, the medal is really gonna stand out against that gleaming black coat. Just look at those midnight hues!

Her fosters described Kazooie as “curious, sassy and stubborn,” and Reid noted she’d probably be a Ravenclaw in the Harry Potter universe, because of her inquisitive nature.


3) Paisley. Wow, y’know, these dogs just keep getting better and better. Paisley’s favorite color is, alliteratively, purple. Maybe you’ve seen her sporting her fly-as-hell purple vest when she walks to class.

According to Julia Rothschild ’17, one of Paisley’s loving fosters, “Paisley likes to have balance in her life. She really enjoys both napping and playing. However, she isn’t your typical dog in that she actually prefers to play by herself. Her favorite game is to bring all of her toys to the center of our living room and push them away from her. She watches them roll away and then eventually attacks.” What a playful pup!

Paisley’s more of a lone wolf type. She prefers independent sports, and if she were to be cast in an Air Bud film, she’d probably be a track and field star. “She has quite the long-jump,” said Rothschild. Maybe she and Kazooie should team-up at the Olympics and bring home gold.


4) Earl. Saved the best for last. When asked what Hogwarts house Earl would be sorted in, Sam Royer ’19, one of his fosters, said, “Honestly, maybe Slytherin.” Anybody who’s seen Earl strutting his stuff around campus knows exactly what Royer’s talking about. Above all, Earl is stone-cold sassy, and he knows it. His favorite song is “Ray of Light” by Madonna.

When he’s not gallivanting across the academic quad, Earl enjoys a nice nap. “His favorite thing to do is cuddle against you and have belly rubs,” said Royer. Don’t let Earl’s size mislead you; he’s a cuddle fiend.

Even though Earl deeply loves his fosters, he’s quite the independent pup. If he were to be cast in an Air Bud film, he’d probably play Put Put, according to Royer. Moreover, he’s a contrarian. When asked his opinion on Wooster’s new Clean Bean program, Earl indicated he preferred the old beans. What a rebel!

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