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Miraculous waffle makers revolutionize, revitalize dorm cuisine

Shoshana Rice
Photo Editor

Usually living in a dorm for most or all of our college lives, us Scots need to get creative sometimes. So I’ll let you in on a secret: waffle makers are the most underrated dorm room appliances. And no, it’s not just because waffles are great.

Actually, I’ve only made real waffles in my waffle maker once, too much work. I regularly make four different delicious dishes in my waffle maker, each take less than five minutes total, and I only have five ingredients in my mini-fridge.

Ever feel lazy on a Saturday morning and wish you could eat in your room but are too hungry for your granola bars and yogurt? I whip out my pack of cinnamon roll dough and cook three to four minutes at a time for three minutes until they’re firm on the top and bottom and still soft and mushy in the middle. (A pack of eight with cream cheese icing is $3 at DrugMart.)

Still hungry? Crack an egg and it’ll be cooked perfectly medium in less than two minutes. Craving a study snack other than C-Store chips and candy? What about freshly baked cookies in three to four minutes? You can roll the dough into balls and make separate waffle-shaped cookies, or make one giant cookie-waffle. Upset Mom’s closes at 2 a.m. now? If you party too long, you can just make your own quesadillas, and they’ll only take four to five minutes. (Please don’t drunkenly forget to turn it off after!)

The only challenge is taking the time to clean it, but depending on the waffle maker, some are easier to clean than others.

Anyway, there’s tons more recipes to try. I’ve tried hash browns, (good but a little messy), grilled cheese, (works the same as quesadillas) and so on. Don’t listen to your roommate when she dares you to try reheating your leftover Pad Thai…but do get creative! If you’re into cooking, I’ve stumbled across some more gourmet waffle maker recipes online as well. Enjoy!

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