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Equestrian club: still kicking on campus Kelsey Large and Lauren MacDonald

When the average Wooster student thinks about horses, they probably think of teenagers in a chick flick galloping through flowers or of the Kentucky Derby Thoroughbreds thundering down the homestretch.

However far away horses may seem from campus, they are actually here! It is about time that the Equestrian Club receives campus-wide recognition for the club sport that it is.

Since 2003, we have been an active, chartered club sport. Our club members ride horses for fun, compete on the equestrian team or simply attend the meetings that range from watching horsey movies to baking treats for horses (and humans).

Our team members can participate in any of our intercollegiate teams: hunt seat, dressage or western. To put it simply, hunt seat involves jumping horses, dressage is riding in the English style through patterns, and western is riding in the cowboy/cowgirl style through patterns. Every student on campus is welcome to participate in the club and team regardless of their riding experience.

When possible, we even provide ways for non-members to attend equestrian events. For example, on Saturday, April 11 we are hosting a free day trip to the Columbus Equine Affair: a horse convention that includes seminars, shopping, fair food and more. This trip is open to anyone who wishes to go, so if you would like to join, email the club president Lauren MacDonald ’15 ASAP.

Another public event that we will be hosting soon is our annual Equestrian Exhibition. This event allows us to show the campus community what we do by demonstrating our riding. The exhibition will be in Wooster at the Wayne County Fairgrounds — just a five minute drive from campus — and will take place on Sunday, April 26 from 1 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.

If you see us there, don’t be fooled into thinking riding is easy. Riding is all about trying to create an invisible bond between horse and rider, so we will do our best to look like we are doing nothing.

To prepare for the exhibition, we have spent hours in the saddle training our horses, earning sore muscles from the workout we get in our legs, core and arms.

By the way, if you think riding isn’t exercise, you cannot even argue with us until you have tried it. Take a lesson with one of our coaches. We are confident you will change your mind.

Most importantly, we in the Equestrian Club are passionate about what we do. Riding club members cherish the opportunity it gives them to de-stress, to leave campus for a few hours, and to spend time with animals.

Nearly all the Equestrian team riders cite the club as a big reason they decided to attend the College of Wooster. In fact, every year the Admissions office directs many prospective students to the Equestrian Club and our coaches for a tour.

Next time you think of horses and College of Wooster club sports, think about the Equestrian Club.

If you want to join or learn more, check out the website:

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