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Babcock: C3 will miss you Tara Abhasakun

For those who don’t know, Babcock, Wooster’s international program dorm, will be moving non-traditional freshman (a term most often used to refer to gap-year students) to the third floor in replacement of students in the Cross Cultural Connections (C3) program.

The reason for this, according to a Res Life employee, is that the Douglass basement is currently being used for Greek parties, and freshman dorms are supposed to be dry. Next year, when the gap-year students move into the third floor of Babcock, the floor will be dry.

I’ll save you from hearing any more complaints about why it’s stupid that Greeks have to throw parties in dorms now. I know that we have already heard several spiels about that issue. I am simply expressing my sadness at how fewer upperclassmen will be allowed to live in Babcock next year.

Built in 1935, Babcock has been the C3 dorm since 2009. Babcock is a tight-knit community mainly composed of C3 members, though there are a few non-C3 members as well. Non-C3 members choose to live in Babcock for the nice, air-conditioned rooms (I won’t lie, that’s a part of it) as well as the wonderful sense of community. Babcock is great for people who aren’t necessarily party animals, as its residents aren’t as loud as those of some other dorms. Because it’s an internationally themed dorm, many international students as well as domestic students interested in world cultures and affairs choose to live in Babcock, creating an interesting environment for one to learn from their peers.

Since I will no longer be in the C3 program next year, chances are that I will not be able to obtain a single in Babcock next year and therefore will not get to be a part of this amazing community every day in the way I am now. I will miss knowing the names of most people in my hall and the way that everyone greets each other when passing by. I will miss the group activities and being able to easily walk to internationally themed forums and events.

On the other hand, I wish the future gap-year students luck on living in this wonderful dorm. I hope that they will make their own community and discuss their own unique experiences together.

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