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IT’S TIME FOR SHEA TO CALL THE PLAY Will Liverpool FC suprise the soccer world?

Sheamus Dalton

Liverpool is poised to win the English Premier League title. Seems unreal, doesn’t it? For a club that hasn’t won the league since the 1989-90 season but has remained a title contender for many of those years, the possibility of Liverpool winning its 19th top flight league title and first ever Premier League title doesn’t seem to add up. But anyone who saw Steven Gerrard’s emotion after their 3-2 victory over Manchester City on Sunday knows just how real the chances of the title going to Anfield really are.

But, when you take a minute to really think about it, after a season like we have had this year in the Premier League, does it really surprise you that Liverpool is the leader in the title chase? The return of “the Special One” Jose Mourinho, the retirement of the great Sir Alex Ferguson (and the struggles of his unfortunate replacement), Arsenal’s magical goals but late season implosion; and even Everton’s current fourth place form have made this season insanely captivating, yet completely unpredictable. Liverpool’s success is simply a testament to this season.  A team of past glory, returning to claim its natural place atop English football -— if there these was ever a season for it, the time is nigh.

But when I looked past the magic surrounding Liverpool and read reports on the reasons for Liverpool’s “return to glory,” the Reds have simply been the most consistent and efficient team this season. Liverpool dropped from the top four only a few times this season, seeing their worst form in late December during a brief fifth place spell. However, other title contenders have experienced even rougher stretches of poor form. Manchester City have been erratic in their success, as they usually are, while Chelsea have uncharacteristically dropped crucial games to unlikely opponents, specifically against an unimpressive Crystal Palace side a few weeks ago.

What’s more, Liverpool is now playing its best football of the season, during the games where it matter most.

Also, not to ignore the obvious, Liverpool have been reaping the benefits of the two most dangerous men in the Premier League, Daniel Sturridge and Luis Suarez, all year.  This season, Suarez leads the league in goals with 29, followed closely by Sturridge in second with 20. In total, they have combined for 49 goals thus far, which is remarkable considering it is one more than the whole of the Tottenham Hotspur club (really missing Gareth Bale aren’t you?). Add their form to the revitalized Martin Skrtel and Daniel Agger who anchor Liverpool’s starting 11 and you have a team to rival the 1989-90 Liverpool league champions.

So, actually, it makes sense that Liverpool is poised to win its first top flight league title in nearly 25 years.  Liverpool seems to be the perfect storm that is becoming most powerful as it heads straight to the final fixtures of the year.  While the road isn’t paved neatly for them, the Reds look like they have a great chance to finally do it.

As a Chelsea fan, I will be supporting the Blues in their meeting with Liverpool on April 27 in Anfield (unfortunately) in what could be the deciding game for the Premier League title.  But I can’t help but hope that Stevie G and Liverpool do pull it off in the end and win the title. As a fan of the game ahead of any club, it would be an unforgettable moment to watch.

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