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A meal with Vegan Co-op

Sanjana Kumbhani

Contributing Writer

Originally started by the Greenhouse 20 years ago, the Vegan Co-op dinner was revamped by Jesse Tiffen ’15 last year and held its third dinner this semester on Saturday, Nov. 9.

As you entered the Babcock dining hall, the smell of fresh, healthy and presumably, extremely delicious food was omnipresent. While some ferociously cooked in the kitchen, others helped cut vegetables for the salad by the tables. As more people strode in, the excitement became ever more apparent; nothing excites a Wooster student more than a break from Lowry food.

Daniela Bartlett Asenjo ’14 rightly points out, “The chefs here are great; they always manage to prepare a very diverse menu. They make veganism very accessible. It’s such a refreshing change from the monotonous Lowry food.”

The event is free-spirited and casual; anyone is welcome to join in the meal. There is usually a fairly large turnout of 40-60 people. Most bring their own plates, making it easier for the organizers; paper plates are discouraged in an effort to be more eco-friendly.

“I got into it last spring because Jesse is a good friend of mine, but I enjoy it thoroughly now,” said Zoe Cunningham-Cook ’16. “Not only does the food taste good, but it’s also food that is so good for you. It’s healthy and tastes great, and it’s just so much fun to eat here with a bunch of your friends.”

Most tables exude a cheerful and friendly atmosphere.

Molly Snell-Larch ’15 and Shelby Goldman ’15 commented, “It would be great if more people would try it out. People are usually doubtful of vegan food but they do a fantastic job of putting different things together here. We’ve always enjoyed the vegan dinners.”

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