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Independent minds, living together

Laura Dern

I am tired of people insulting the prestige and tradition of Holden Hall, the UG, and McGaw Chapel, which are some of the finest features of the College’s campus. All of these establishments have a special place in the hearts of Wooster graduates and should continue to be enjoyed by students for years to come.

Students should rethink their criticism of living in Holden, because it’s the best dorm on campus. It is where sophisticated, academically driven students want to be. Many say that Holden is so close to everything important, but the proximity to the libraries is really the biggest draw for students. Where else can you live on campus that allows you to race to be the first person in the library when it opens each morning to get that little extra bit of study time in before class?

Also, since it’s the biggest dorm on campus, capable of accommodating 310 people, students have the opportunity to live amongst the highest concentration of critical thinkers each and every day of the week. The dorm is the closest to the academic buildings, so Holden residents never have to be late for class, even in the worst weather Ohio can throw at them!

Students living in Holden also act as ambassadors for the College and aid in improving the relationship between the town’s residents, affectionately known by their pet name “townies,” and the students. The dorm is situated right along Beall Avenue, so residents of the town can drive by at any time and observe students walking into Holden who exemplify the outstanding qualities of Wooster students, including their respectful, unassuming manner and impeccable ambulatory skills.

Holden upholds the College’s principles and beliefs, especially when it comes to celebrating diversity. On any given Friday night, you can sample countless different types of beer or liquor from all around Ohio or even from around the world! Which is all part of the experience of becoming a Global Citizen.

As if that wasn’t proof enough of Holden’s excellent reputation, I have talked with many students who comment on the quiet and respectful atmosphere in Holden. One friend of mine that happily resides there recounted that it was so silent, you could practically hear a pin drop. Holden residents are all very focused on making it a place for study and quiet reflection by limiting the volume of music, especially underground rap, and by using only indoor voices during recreational and/or physical activities in their rooms.

Another campus gem that comes under unnecessary attack is the UG. As the College of Wooster website correctly asserts: “The UG is an integral portion of student life.” Where else can you get a $1 Miller Lite? Besides the great deals on alcohol and the chance to socialize with friends, the UG has a rich tradition that you can feel and smell. When alums come back for a campus visit, they can stop by the UG, which hasn’t changed, or been cleaned, since they left.

Wooster leaves such a huge mark on its students as they go on to successful careers in areas such as law, business or medicine, but the UG allows students to leave their mark on Wooster. Accidently spill your beer at the UG and it can be enjoyed by students for years to come!

The UG is also a great academic resource for research or class field trips. Anthropology or psychology classes can come observe students in their natural environment and answer such pressing questions as, “how many beers does it take before a girl falls over?” Art History majors can also come marvel at the beautiful murals and Modern art designs on the walls of the UG.

The last important bastion of Wooster’s underappreciated and highly abused architecture is McGaw Chapel. The compelling and interesting building isn’t a mistake; it’s an architectural wonder of Northern Ohio with its unique shape and daring design. Wooster students need to stop taking the value and tradition of Holden, the UG and McGaw for granted. We live in and amongst some of the most breathtakingly beautiful, efficient, functional, and sophisticated buildings Ohio has to offer, and it’s a fact that too often goes overlooked.



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