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Voice staff reviews OH-YO! fro-yo at north end

Kim Schmitz

Features Editor

The Voice staff is committed to informing members of the College. No matter what event, story or question is proposed, we go to any lengths to provide answers. Sometimes this can be grueling work, filled with difficult journeys and revolting endeavors. Sometimes we have to travel to the ends of the earth. Sometimes we have to eat lots and lots of frozen yogurt. But, Wooster, we are dedicated.

In recent weeks, a new frozen yogurt store has opened in the city of Wooster. OH-YO!, located on Burbank Rd. near Movies 10 and Gary’s Liquor Agency, has accepted the daunting task of satisfying the city’s frozen dessert cravings. The Voice staff has taken the liberty of testing the waters of this trending invasion in order to save the people of Wooster a potential trip if it isn’t up to snuff. However, after our valiant and querulous expedition, we can say with certainty that you’re in no danger. Here are the results of our research:


Quantity: Several staff members were significantly impressed by the generous supply of flavors and toppings alike. While some yogurt places provide only one flavor of yogurt with the idea that the toppings are what make it your own, OH-YO! takes a different approach, offering about twelve different base flavors at any given time. Some of these flavors even rotate, allowing for a different experience each time you visit. However, A&E Editor Libba Smith ’13 emphasized that the original tart flavor should be available at all times, which it was not when we were there.

The buffet of toppings disappointed no one; nearly endless trays of chocolates, novelty candy bars, flavored candies, crunchy pieces and fresh fruit were supplemented by bottles and bottles of sauces and whipped cream. They included all the regular toppings and threw in more for good measure, such as popping boba. This vast array of options leaves almost no room for criticism, but beware: it makes it quite easy to bite off more than you can chew, or slurp.


Flavor: Overall, the Voice was very satisfied with the quality of flavors at OH-YO!, although we recommend some more than others. The key: correct combinations. To get around the issue of choosing fruity or sweet, I decided to combine chocolate with kiwi-strawberry and top it with both fresh fruit and candy. This worked very well, but the chocolate was very rich, and more fruitiness was needed to balance it. The combination of chocolate fro-yo and fresh strawberries was superb. The added crunch of Heath bar, Butterfinger, sprinkles, etc. was a little too much for my taste, however. As far as which fruity yogurt to choose, the pomegranate raspberry was the favorite of many. Emily Timmerman ’13 found a winning combo when she mixed it with Georgia peach. Ian Benson ’14 and Travis Marmon ’14 both went the all-sugar route. Marmon topped his chocolate and cinnamon roll yogurt with Reese’s, buckeyes, snowcaps, butterscotch, caramel and some gummy worms. He admitted, “I may have overdone it on the sweets.” Benson had a similar regret after smothering his cheesecake, cake batter and peanut butter yogurts with sweet toppings. On the whole, the staff agreed that, while delicious, flavors such as cinnamon roll, mint and several kinds of chocolate must be used sparingly.


Atmosphere: OH-YO! was bright and crowded during our wintery Sunday afternoon visit. The place was relatively clean despite the overwhelming number of customers and small ratio of employees. Not many were needed, though, due to the self-serve style of the yogurt dispensers and toppings bar.

Price: Compared to other places of similar style, the prices were reasonable. However, the only dishes provided were quite large, inviting the mistake (which several Voice members made) of filling them to the top. This can become quite pricey (as well as filling) in the weigh-then-pay system. A medium portion cost less than $4, but those of us who filled the dish paid over $6. Kate Schiller ’13, a seasoned yogurt connoisseur, offered a smart tip: “People should remember fruit gets expensive because it is so much heavier than anything else.”


So, to the people of Wooster, with our full stomachs and looming dentist appointments, we say unto you: happy eating.


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