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Paterno deserves respect, not hatred from public

Paterno deserves respect, not hatred from public

Matt Magoon

A person who has exceptional character may be described as possessing honesty, courage, and integrity. These three qualities are often difficult to find in a human being.

Last Sunday, Joe Paterno passed away at Mount Nittany Medical Center with his family at his bedside. Paterno was undergoing treatments for lung cancer since Jan. 13 until the disease became too much to handle.

Just 74 days before his death Paterno was fired from his position as head coach of the Penn State football team, due to accusations of child rape regarding his assistant coach, Jerry Sandusky. There has been a mix of emotions from fans and members of the Penn State community since Paterno was removed from the program. Many people believe that he did everything he needed to by telling then-athletic director Tim Curley about what he heard involving Sandusky.

When Sandusky ruined his own life and the reputation of the program, he indirectly put an end to Paterno. The former head coach was one of the most hard working coaches in football who instilled character in both his players and everyone around him. Football was Paterno’s life. Sandusky took that away from him due to his selfish, disgusting actions.

The 74 days between Paterno’s firing and his death was a prime example of a man dying from a broken heart. Imagine being a coach and a role model for nearly 46 years at one of the most prestigious programs in Division I and then losing everything in one week. Many individuals would have given up their will to live, but not Paterno. After his death, his family stated: “He died as he lived…he was a man devoted to his family, his university, his players and his community.”

Paterno was a man of true character that every individual should aspire to imitate. After losing one of the most important parts of his life, he continued to be an inspiration to all until his very last breath. Paterno did not take anything in his life for granted because he knew that life is a blessing that no one should waste.

Joe Paterno had an important impact on hundreds of lives and because of this, he died a true hero to all, including myself, that has followed his life and all of his great accomplishments.

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