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The Index captures college memories in progress

As we all know, The College of Wooster has many beloved traditions, both old and new.

Whether it is the grueling process of Independent Study, standing and clapping vigorously to “Scotland The Brave” or filling Kauke Arch with snow, our beloved college is a haven for history.

But who holds the key to preserving this history and our time here at our soon-to-be alma mater?

Enter the staff at The Index. We are proud to be the chroniclers of the College, day in and day out, year after year.

So, how do we preserve all of ourmemories of Wooster? We publish a yearbook, but it’s not like your high school yearbook.

The Index has existed since 1874, when the College itself was only eight years old, and “liberal education” was far different than it is today.† Since then, members of The Index have taken thousands of pictures, spoken to thousands of students and compiled 135 yearbooks.

Now, more than ever,† The Index continues to be the permanent source for pictures for Fighting Scot athletics, various campus events and a sole provider of the diverse perspective that Wooster presents to its students.

Although you may see many pictures on Facebook that pertain to your Wooster experience, they may not save those memories forever. Thanks to The Index, students will be able to remember the great days they had here.

So, how do we create the tapestry that will be your reminder of Wooster? The Index is not done in a day or a month. It’s a process that requires help from all members of The Index staff. From our advisor, Sandy Nichols (a Wooster alum), all the way down to the computer that holds our pictures, we are a team.

KC Sullivan ’13 is the main layout editor for this year’s† Index, and Jackie O’Dell ’13 is our business manager.

If you pay attention closely, you may see me running around campus, taking pictures.

As a photographer for The Index, my job is to take tons of pictures, and to then narrow those down to see which ones best define the school year as a whole.

Sateesh Ventakesh ’10, our head photographer last semester, and Dustin Kemp ’14 have also done a great job taking pictures across campus throughout this school year, and have also been vital teammates in editing and perfecting the photos that will compose this year’s Index.

So, why did I choose to be a member of The Index? Why would I want to carry a camera around with me to sporting events and such?

The answer is simple. I am passionate about creating the best yearbook possible, and so is the rest of this year’s Index staff. We are committed to being the conservationists of the present by capturing the traditions, people, and culture that make Wooster unique.

We believe that through our work, current Wooster students will be able to remember their time here as one of great fun and when their lives were shaped forever.

We each also believe that our work with The Index will continue the tradition of the yearbook, and through its successful production at the end of this year, will maintain the tradition of excellence that is expected from us from those who gave us the torch of preserving the history of the College.

If you want to be a part of the exciting tradition of The Index, come to our meetings, which take place† every Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. in our office, located between the Student Activities Office and Scot Lanes in Lowry Basement.† Join us and be a historian of the Wooster experience.

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