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100 years later: a look at changes to The Wooster Voice

This week, The Voice decided to take a blast to the past and take a look at a few issues from the winter of 1910. Below are a few facts about how The College of Wooster’s only student newspaper has changed in the past 100 years. In 1910, The Wooster Voice…

ó Included reports about the personal activities of selected members of the student body.

“Bessie Livenspire was hostess to a most enjoyable Halloween party at the County Club house”

“Mr. Davidson ’11 was operated on on Friday at the city hospital. The typhus germ had gained entrance to the bone and serious complications have resulted.”

óThe front page story on Nov. 9, 1910 was “$100,000 from Mrs. John S. Kennedy.”

“Great joy was caused on Wednesday morning Nov. 2nd by President Holden’s announcement made at Chapel that Mrs. John S. Kennedy had given the University the sum of $100,000 for the erection of a dormitory for men to be known by the name of her own summer home at Bar Harbor, Maine, “Kenarden Lodge.”

ó Creative writing selections were featured in the Voice. In one issue, the poem “Crookshank” called “Limitations” and a short story called “The Icicle” both appeared.

ó The top sports story for Nov. 9, 1910 was “Mt. Union 11 Wooster 0: Mount Union takes game, but Varsity makes a scrappy showing” about a recent football game.

ó Ads included spots for coal, suit makers at Freedlander’s, railway companies, “The King of Dictionaries,” Webster’s Universal Dictionary, and “The New Arrow Notch Collars” from Cluett, Peabody and Co.

ó A large amount of religious material was printed, be it the reproduction of religious lectures, coverage of Christian-affiliated student groups like the YMCA or campus pastors’ activities.

óThere was also an alumni-edited “Alumni Page” which published letters from alumni, marriage notices, alumni-sponsored scholarships, graduate school activities and career advancements.

ó On the 1910-1911 editorial staff, out of 18 editorial positions only four were held by female students. On the 2010-2011 staff, only four of the editors are male.

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